Our Pledge

Defining How We Help our Clients Achieve Success

Having a set of clear principles and guideposts lets employees know where they stand and customers know our values and the quality of service they will receive. The iQor Pledge defines a consistent set of expectations for how we operate and interact—with our clients, customers, and each other.
#1 Performance

#1 Performance 

We strive to be #1, delivering at the highest possible levels for our clients. Our entire organization is focused on being a top performer on client scorecards and exceeding client expectations.

Silhouetted People in front of Map

World-Class People

Delivering superb customer service starts with getting the right people in the door. That’s why everything we do at iQor ensures we have the right agent, in the right seat, with the right tools, at the right time so that customers feel valued and have a superb service experience. 


Flexible Footprint

Flexibility is the key to No. 1 Performance. At iQor, it underlies every facet of our processes—from the ability to expand at a moment’s notice to meet client needs to the ability to service a client’s customer care or collection needs from virtually any place at any time.

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Analytics & Insights

In everything we do, we use data science and analytics to provide our clients with key insights to make better business decisions and our agents with the real-time intelligence they need to deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Lines and numbers

Next Generation Technology

At iQor we invest in technology to enhance customer service, improve compliance and data security, and offer ways to make things easier for our clients.  Our innovations are a generation ahead of our industry.


Zero-Defect Compliance

Our clients trust us with their reputations, a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why we have a commitment to quality and client standards embedded in our systems, processes and culture to make zero-defect compliance a way of life at iQor.