Operational Excellence

Helping our Clients Succeed with Operational Excellence

At iQor, a culture of efficiency and an ongoing search for excellence is an imperative. We continually innovate and improve – to get smarter, better, faster – to best service our clients. Through our people, processes, and policies, we help our clients succeed.

Our #1 Performance Culture is how we achieve operational excellence. This culture is driven through a focus on three key areas:

World Class People

We Use Social Recruiting to Hire Friends & Family

Referrals perform better and stay longer. Rather than pay an outside agency, iQor recruits almost exclusively through T.R.I.P.—our Talent Referral Incentive Program. T.R.I.P. is an online social recruiting tool that gives iQor employees generous monetary rewards for finding and referring friends and family members who later become iQor employees.

Emotional Aptitude Testing Predicts the Best Hires

All call center agents at iQor are hired through Qfit®, a proprietary emotional aptitude test available online at our website. After typing in all relevant personal information, an applicant is asked a series of questions designed to measure their emotional and analytical skills, motivation level, as well as the likelihood they will remain working at the company over time.

We Leverage the Best Trainers Around the World with sQool

At iQor, all traditional training is being augmented by a fully online university—sQool—with advanced video interactive capability. Using sQool, we can tap the best trainers and experts around the world. For example, our compliance experts in Columbus, Ohio may conduct mandatory FDCPA training while our service experts in Phoenix, Arizona teach empathy and listening skills.

We Move Top Performers Up a Clearly Defined Career Path

At iQor, the majority of new managers are promoted from the agent level. This is possible, in part, due to the frequent, thorough evaluation process we’ve put in place to reward top performers and keep them moving up an exciting and diverse career path. Agents are reviewed and eligible for raises frequently to reward top performance: monthly for their first six months and quarterly thereafter.  

We Believe 14:1 Dedicated Teams Get the Best Result

At iQor we believe that to lead a team effectively, a supervisor should not have more than 14 direct reports, a concept borrowed from military platoons.  Supervisors are dedicated to their team’s performance and success—we don’t believe in “shift coverage.”  This decision is reflected in the layout and design of our cubicles and is carried over with our HomeWorQs agents. 

Our Benefits Program Rewards Performance

MiQorSM is our global benefits program that provides every iQor employee with a “purse” to purchase a wide number of benefit options. The purse is based on title—and therefore rewards performance and experience—and allows employees to purchase the benefits that best suit their needs.

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Flexible Footprint

We’re Designed to Scale

Because our infrastructure is centrally managed and our centers are connected through an MPLS cloud, we are able to quickly relocate the delivery of services to our clients’ desired location. The only constraint is required training time.


We Use Dynamic Allocation to Act Without Borders

iQor’s flexibility lies in its global footprint and technology. Our cloud infrastructure and thin client technology allows us to allocate work dynamically to the appropriate center in real-time—without regard to the location. Acting without borders, iQor is able to serve a client from virtually any location—onshore, nearshore, or offshore—at virtually any time and expand at a moment’s notice. As a result, iQor is always ready to scale its facilities to fit any sudden changes in its client’s needs. We can add or remove 1,000 terminals in five different centers within hours. And, the set-up of a new center can now be accomplished over a weekend.  

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Zero Defect Compliance

We Have Embedded Rules into our Technology for Ironclad Compliance

While the web of federal, state and local regulations governing our industry are complex, our solution is quite simple. All regulations are hard-coded into our centralized infrastructure, and our compliance team monitors for updates to ensure we are up to date. All calls, inbound and outbound, are dispersed to agents through our centrally managed data center, which acts as the governor on compliance: if a rogue agent wanted to break a compliance rule, he could not.

We Record 100% of Voice and Screen

QatchSM, our intelligent call monitoring system, allows iQor and its clients to monitor 100% of all interactions and automatically detect those that step outside compliance guidelines. Using logical speech recognition, Qatch senses when the tone of any conversation rises above conversational limits. Using a searchable database, a supervisor or client may listen to a single call or search for all calls containing specific characteristics.

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